Vater 7AW Manhattan Wood Tip

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Vater 7AW Manhattan Wood Tip

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Vater 7AW Manhattan Wood Tip



Longer than an average 7A with a small round tip for defined cymbal work.  Hickory is the most popular wood used for making drumsticks. Hickory is denser, heavier and more rigid than Maple.  Hickory can also absorb a great amount of shock, which reduces hand and wrist fatigue.  Dark, or "brown" hickory, is found closer to the tree's center and is slightly denser and heavier than "white" hickory.




  • Quality manufactured product

  • Weight balanced

  • Matched pair

  • Brand leader

  • American premium wood


  • Length: 16" (40.64cm)

  • Diameter: 0.540" (1.37cm)

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