Headrush Core - Guitar and Vocal Multi FX Pedal

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Headrush Core - Guitar and Vocal Multi FX Pedal

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Headrush Core - Guitar and Vocal Multi FX Pedal

Introducing the HeadRush Core, your gateway to achieving the perfect guitar and vocal tones with just a touch. This powerful device is equipped with an extensive library of lifelike and responsive guitar FX, amps, cabs, and microphone emulations. The HeadRush Core offers virtually unlimited impulse response loading and the remarkable ability to replicate the sound of your cherished analog gear through its 'smart cloning' technology.

For vocalists in need of top-tier vocal processing, the Core boasts a comprehensive suite of vocal FX, including the industry-standard Antares Auto-Tune® and a best-in-class looper.

All of this is powered by a sophisticated multi-core processor that delivers an incredibly potent floorboard unit. It allows for seamless preset switching and features a user-friendly 7" touch interface. The device is encased in a rugged yet compact steel chassis that's rich in I/O options, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB Audio.


The HeadRush Core offers an ever-growing library of premium sound emulations. These emulations faithfully capture the essence of vintage, modern, and boutique guitar gear with exceptional accuracy and a natural dynamic response. It comes pre-loaded with factory presets designed by renowned guitar sound designers ChopTones™. Plus, there's a regularly expanding library of great-sounding and easy-to-use vocal FX, featuring Antares Auto-Tune®. Firmware updates continue to expand this library, accessible via onboard Wi-Fi or USB connection to a Mac/PC.


The HeadRush Core employs proprietary cloning technology that empowers you to significantly expand your onboard amp and FX arsenal using real gear. The HeadRush Amp Cloner precisely captures the sound, dynamics, and feel of your favourite amps, pre-amps, distortion pedals, overdrive pedals, and even fuzz pedals. The cloning process is quick and straightforward, guided by an intuitive on-screen wizard.


At the heart of the HeadRush Core lies a 7-inch touch display. You can interact with it by touch, swipe, and drag-and-drop to instantly craft Guitar, Bass, and Vocal rigs with exceptional speed and precision. The display provides clear feedback during live performances, especially when tweaking tones using an external expression pedal in 'Hands-Free Mode.'


The HeadRush Core features an intuitive looper capable of recording loops up to 5 minutes long with 20 minutes of total overdub time. It allows you to save and recall loops and sync with other gear like drum machines via MIDI. Another valuable feature is the ability to load songs directly from Dropbox over Wi-Fi, facilitating faster practice and song learning. You can loop and slow down challenging sections, as well as adjust the pitch up or down in semitones to learn songs in new keys. Additionally, the Core can connect and play audio from any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, expanding your possibilities with streaming and digital lesson services.


Housed in a robust, road-ready steel chassis and equipped with a comprehensive range of inputs and outputs, the HeadRush Core is a compact solution for musicians prepared for any performance scenario. Alongside numerous I/O options such as guitar and microphone inputs, 1/4", XLR, and headphone outputs, MIDI I/O, and wireless connectivity, it features a stereo FX loop for integrating pedals and other external gear anywhere in your internal signal chain. This FX loop also enables connectivity with traditional amplifiers using the four-cable method. Furthermore, the onboard USB audio interface grants convenient access to studio-quality recording or re-amping directly to a Mac or PC DAW.


  • Huge library of guitar, bass, and vocal FX, including Antares Auto-Tune®
  • Realistic and responsive amp, cabinet, and microphone modeling
  • Includes all new models by ReValver® with presets by ChopTones™

Complete Guitar and Vocal Rig

  • Built-in Amp Cloner captures the sound of your favourite amp, preamp, distortion, overdrive or fuzz pedal, and imports it into Core
  • Import a virtually unlimited number of Impulse Response files

Capture The Sound

  • 7-inch high-resolution touchscreen with musician-centric interface
  • Build your dream rig in seconds via touch, swipe, and drag and drop

Large Touchscreen Display

  • Direct Wi-Fi connection to the HeadRush Cloud for easy clone and preset sharing
  • Update the firmware instantly without connecting to a computer

Wireless Connectivity

  • Capture loops up to 5 minutes long with 20 minutes of total audio per loop
  • Save and load your own loops to capture inspiration whenever it happens
  • Sync the looper to other devices such as drum machines via MIDI

Best in class Looper

  • Load songs from Dropbox, internal storage, or connected USB drives
  • Loop song sections, then change tempo without affecting pitch and vice-versa
  • Additional Bluetooth audio connectivity for playing along with mobile devices

Easy-to-use practice tools

  • Road-ready steel chassis; 5 customisable footswitches with color LEDs
  • Record and Re-amp on Mac/PC via the built-in USB Audio interface
  • Stereo FX loop for integrating FX pedals and 4 cable method set-up

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