Danelectro '64XT Guitar - Gloss Black

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Danelectro '64XT Guitar - Gloss Black

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Danelectro '64XT Guitar - Gloss Black

Is the '64XT the crème de la crème of Dano electric guitars? Danelectro is firmly in that camp, and so is Guitar Player magazine — they even bestowed upon it their coveted Editors’ Pick seal of approval. One thing's a dead certainty: no matter how many guitars grace your collection, the '64XT won’t be singing the same tune as any of them. Its ultra-resonant chambered spruce body belts out a melody all its own. But the real hootenanny kicks off when you jack in the '64XT. The dual Lipstick bridge humbucker serves up a delicious blend of raw power and a chiming, jangling tone, while the beefy single-coil neck pickup delivers aggressive low mids and an output that'll put your amp through its paces. As if that's not enough, you can even split the bridge humbucker for a smorgasbord of tonal delights. The Danelectro '64XT comes complete with a Wilkinson vibrato tailpiece, graphite nut, and a gloss polyester finish that's as tough as nails. It’s not just a guitar; it's a sonic adventure waiting to unfold.

With its chambered spruce body and hardboard top and back, the '64XT flaunts a sound that's in a league of its own. It resonates with a fervor that's simply unmatched, effortlessly delivering a surplus of sustain to elevate your solos to new heights. And after a marathon gig or recording session, you'll be singing praises for its feather-light weight. What's not to love about that? As if its sonic prowess isn't enough, the classic offset shape of this guitar is not only visually striking but also a comfort revelation. Playing it feels as cool as it looks!

Yet another reason why the Danelectro ‘64XT stands apart in the guitar crowd is its unparalleled pickup arrangement. The dual Lipstick bridge humbucker marries unbridled power with a chiming, jangling tone that's simply unrivalled. This pickup boasts a hearty, warm bottom end, while the celestial air and sparkle on its top end transport your sound into the ether. At the neck, a vintage-style, large-housing single-coil holds court. Smooth and warm with a punch of aggressive low mids, it effortlessly propels your amp to the edge of breakup, embracing the coveted crunch zone. Adding to its charm, this pickup exhibits unparalleled touch sensitivity. The ‘64XT comes complete with a master volume, along with a master tone equipped with a push-pull switch for splitting the bridge humbucker. It's not just a guitar; it's a sonic voyage with controls that beckon exploration.


  • Lightweight chambered spruce/hardboard body lends extra resonance to your tone
  • Dual Lipstick bridge humbucker combines raw power with a chiming, jangling tone
  • Large-housing single-coil neck pickup yields aggressive low mids and ample output
  • Push-pull switch splits the bridge humbucker for spanky single-coil tones
  • Pau ferro-topped, C-shaped neck was built for speed
  • Wilkinson vibrato tailpiece makes expressive whammy effects easy
  • Graphite nut reduces string binding
  • Near-bulletproof gloss polyester finish

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