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Roland GAIA 2 Synthesizer

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Roland GAIA 2 Synthesizer

The Roland Gaia 2 Synthesizer is a state-of-the-art instrument designed to unlock a boundless array of sound possibilities. It incorporates a hybrid engine that seamlessly blends wavetable and virtual analog synthesis, granting you access to an extensive tonal spectrum. Whether you're just starting to explore sound synthesis or venturing into uncharted auditory realms, this powerful synthesizer has you covered.

With its intuitive panel layout, the Gaia 2 offers a straightforward and logical workflow for crafting captivating sounds with remarkable speed. The full-size keys deliver exceptional playability, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable performance experience. Furthermore, the built-in sequencer and Motional Pad enable you to effortlessly create intricate sounds and dynamic musical phrases that can be tweaked in real-time.

Moreover, the Gaia 2 supports Model Expansion, providing you with the means to expand your sonic palette even further. Whether you're a novice or an experienced professional, this advanced synthesizer streamlines the sound design process and offers expressive hands-on controls, making it easy to transform your musical ideas into reality. Equipped with cutting-edge features such as the sequencer, Motional Pad, and Model Expansion support, the Gaia 2 proves to be an indispensable tool for both musicians and producers alike.

Experience unrestricted creativity with the Gaia 2's dynamic sequencer. Whether you're recording in real-time, step-entering, or editing on the fly, this sequencer empowers you to capture your ideas without interrupting playback. You can even employ the Random Pattern feature to spontaneously ignite your musical creativity.

Every nuanced sound and panel adjustment is faithfully recorded in the sequencer, ensuring your sonic landscapes evolve with precision.

The Gaia 2 also boasts a wealth of classic Roland effects, providing you with a multitude of MFX options like filters, phasers, distortions, scatter, and lo-fi. The dedicated Chorus section expands your sounds with dimension, while the Reverb/Delay section introduces the new Shimmer Reverb, enhancing your music with spaciousness and harmonic richness.

You can even assign effect parameters to the LFO or the Motional Pad for real-time sonic dynamics.

Furthermore, the Gaia 2 supports Roland Model Expansions, recreating legendary synthesizers from Roland's history. You can effortlessly switch between the built-in sound engine and classics like the SH-101, JUPITER-8, or JUNO-106 at the touch of a button. Each Model Expansion retains the Gaia 2's intuitive workflow, allowing you to reinterpret vintage sounds using the onboard controls and develop new music with the sequencer.

The Gaia 2 comes equipped with the SH-101 Model Expansion, transforming the iconic monophonic legend into a polyphonic powerhouse with innovative possibilities. Since its 1982 debut, the SH-101 has significantly influenced electronic music with its user-friendly interface and captivating sound.

With the Gaia 2, you can also connect to Roland Cloud, unlocking additional sounds and virtual instruments to elevate your synthesizer capabilities. Model Expansions grant access to an extensive array of Sound Packs designed by renowned sound designers and producers, ensuring your music remains current and exciting.


  • High-end synthesizer with advanced sound design capabilities
  • User-friendly panel design and practical workflow ensuring quick mastery of synthesis and sound design
  • Innovatively engineered hybrid sound engine featuring one wavetable oscillator and a pair of virtual analog oscillators
  • Sleek aluminium panel adorned with top-notch knobs and sliders
  • Customisable modulation routes for accelerated sound production
  • Motional Pad - enhancing real-time sound movement and expression
  • Flexible sequencer offering real-time and step-recording functionalities
  • MFX effect section boasting 53 distinct effect types
  • Specialised Chorus and Delay/Reverb sections showcasing various types like JUNO Chorus effects, Shimmer Reverb, Modulation Reverb, and more
  • High-contrast OLED display for easy information access
  • USB Type-A port, facilitating connection to a USB flash drive or an external USB MIDI controller
  • Class-compliant USB-C port, enabling seamless interaction with music software on computers and mobile devices
  • USB-C port also compatible with AIRA Link for communication with Roland AIRA devices
  • Supports Model Expansions and other content on Roland Cloud, with SH-101 Model Expansion pre-installed
  • Ability to wirelessly audition and download Model Expansions and Sound Packs via Roland Cloud Connect and the optional WC-1 Wireless Adapter

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