Gibraltar SC-4235 External Tone Control

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Gibraltar SC-4235 External Tone Control

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Gibraltar SC-4235 External Tone Control

 With Gibraltar's External Tone Control attachment, you can suppress those pesky overtones once and for all. This straightforward noise control device can be attached to your tom or snare drum with its hoop mount - it's compatible with virtually any brand or model. The attached felt pad then puts pressure on the affected drum head - reducing unpleasant buzz when you need clear definition. Negating the need for drum head removal, this low-weight design provides a quick and easy solution for all settings. An invaluable accessory for studio producers and working drummers.


  • Fast, effective drum tone control from Gibraltar
  • Reduce unwanted noise and ring from your drum heads
  • Ideal for studio recording and intimate performances
  • Attach with hoop mount to almost any tom or snare drum

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