Danelectro '59M NOS Guitar - Back To Black

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Danelectro '59M NOS Guitar - Back To Black

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Danelectro '59M NOS Guitar - Back To Black

Preserving the essence of their timeless guitars, the Danelectro '59M NOS+ electric guitar stands as a captivating sonic alternative in your collection. It encompasses all the beloved features of the Danelectro '59, showcasing the iconic shorthorn shape, a fully adjustable wraparound bridge, and the convenience of stacked tone/volume controls. Elevating the experience, a pair of NOS+ lipstick pickups adorns this instrument, imparting the charm of the original NOS pickups while introducing brighter highs, punchier mids, and more robust lows. For those seeking an electric guitar with a distinct single-coil voice that harmonises seamlessly with overdrive, the Danelectro '59M NOS+ guitar beckons for exploration.

Drawing inspiration from the sonic identity of their initial NOS single-coil pickups, the NOS+ pickups featured in the '59M NOS+ guitar have undergone enhancements for increased output and a livelier overall tone. This refinement results in punchier lows and mids, accompanied by highs that exhibit greater clarity and bite. Particularly well-suited for bluesy slide work, these pickups seamlessly complement the characteristics of an overdriven tube amplifier, creating a sonic palette that is not only versatile but also profoundly expressive.

The timeless aesthetic and distinctive sound of the classic Danelectro may be as universally recognized as any other guitar design worldwide. While it may not have achieved the sales volumes of some other iconic electric guitar designs, its unmistakable presence graces hundreds of records. The Danelectro '59M NOS+ effortlessly encapsulates this enduring vibe. Rooted in the vintage design ethos of the older Danos, the '59M NOS+ provides the flexibility to transition seamlessly from the vintage twang of yesteryear's Nashville to the contemporary fuzz-laden realms of garage rock. Regardless of your sonic preferences, you'll embody the essence of your chosen tone with style when wielding the Danelectro '59M NOS+.


  • Semi-hollowbody electric guitar with vintage character and modern reliability
  • A look that's true to vintage Danelectro classics
  • NOS+ lipstick pickups deliver classic NOS tone with heavier lows, punchier mids, and brighter highs
  • Dual-action truss rod is ready to keep the neck straight for a lifetime
  • Intonation-adjustable wraparound tailpiece
  • Clear tone from an aluminum string nut
  • Stacked tone and volume knobs

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